You are the realtor or designer that needs a listing or a project photographed to show it’s best qualities. You want to have some input- but work with someone who knows what to do. Someone you can trust in your client’s home. 

You need headshots but you don’t want to look stiff or fake. You want to look natural and real so clients will trust you- because you really are trustworthy. 

Your favorite photos of your children are the ones where they are being themselves, so you can remember them exactly as they were at this age. You want to capture their expressions rather than a lot of distracting props.

You are the bride or groom that wants to be barefoot on the beach wearing converse or flip flops for the reception. You hope for sun but don’t mind if it rains because whatever the weather- it’s your wedding day, and it will be perfect. You know what this day is really about- spending your life with your favorite person in the whole world and your day with your favorite people. 

You are the newly engaged couple who wants to look natural in your photos because the way you look at each other will already make the perfect photo. You want to be yourselves and laugh and enjoy your photo session.

You have come to the right place. I specialize in photographing real estate, beach and vineyard weddings, and portraits on Long Island. But if you love what you see, I'll go anywhere. Pets are always welcome!